Speciality Of South Indian Coffee


South India is very familiar for its aromatic filter coffee. This south Indian coffee is brewed with the help of a filter which are available in various sizes. The coffee filter has many parts, an upper container with holes which used to drain the decoction and the lower container to collect the decoction, a lid and the pressing disc. The coffee powder is placed in the upper container where it is brewed and the decoction is filtered.

The most commonly used coffee beans for making Kumbakonam Filter Coffee are Arabica and Robusta which are grown in the hills of southern states. Hence this coffee is a special beverage in southern states, especially in Kumbakonam. This is also the reason why filter coffee is also called as Kumbakonam filter coffee or Kumbakonam degree coffee.

The name Kumbakonam Degree Coffee implies that it is a high-quality coffee, which is made of pure milk. In other countries other than India, filter coffee is called as 'drip brew'. Coffee is also known with its other names such as 'Bisneeru' in Karnataka and 'Kottai Vadineer' in Srilanka. Filter coffee is often served with a metal device called tumbler, which is known as 'dabarah' in south India.