Kumbakonam Coffee Products

Kumbakonam Coffee Products

Coffee experts talk about four basic components that blend to create the perfect cup; aroma, body, acidity and flacor. The aroma is familiar and obvious enough that fragrance that often promises more than the taste delivers. Body refers to the feel or"weight"of the coffee in the mouth, how it rolls around the tongue and fills the throat on the way dosn. Acidity refers to a sparkle, brightness, a tang that adds zest to the cup. Finally, flavor is the evanescent, subtle taste that explodes in the mouth, and then lingers as a gustory memory. Coffee is such a delicate fruuit that almost any difference in where and how it's grown, picked, graded, sorted, processed, packaged, and shipped even its botanical DNA seems to make a marked difference in how it tastes in your cup. Understanding these differences is essential for learning how to choose the best beans, whether already roasted or those you plan to roast yourself.

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Two variants of filter coffee

Palm candy (Panang kalkandu) coffee

Dry ginger (Chukku) coffee

Cold coffee

Vanilla coffee

Karupatti coffee

Cola coffee

Coffee Powder

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